Because Waxahachie Prep is a University-Model® school, parents are able to pick and choose the courses they would like for their students to take.  Parents may choose to enroll their students in a full day of classes, a half day of classes, or simply take one, two, or three classes on campus or online.

Primary Students (K5-2nd grades) and Elementary (3rd-6th grades) students attend classes on campus Tuesday and Thursday only. Junior High (7th-8th) and Senior High (9th-12th) students attend classes on campus Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Detailed assignments are given via ParentsWeb by a degreed teacher to help the parent at home while co-teaching and/or monitoring the student. The student's grade level determines the parent's level of involvement. The younger the student, the more highly involved the parent will be. As the student progresses through the program, the parent gives the student more responsibilities and therefore facilitates the independence that occurs before the child leaves home for college. Parental roles are clearly stated by the administration in order to help the parent know where they need to be in relation to their child's grade level. 

The one-on-one time spent at home with the child doing Christian-based curriculum helps build a solid foundation and helps to facilitate the parent as the number one influence in the child's life with Christ as the central focus.

As you pray over WPA as on option and review the tuition and fees, if you have questions please feel free to contact the Admissions Coordinator. 

2019-2020 School Year Tuition & Fees:

Elementary Tuition & Fees

secondary Tuition & Fees

Admissions Policy

New students and parents must complete the admissions process to enroll in Waxahachie Preparatory Academy. WPA and their families work in partnership in order to help develop Christ-like character in their students. In order to help facilitate this, we ask parents and students to agree to and abide by the following requirements that are essential for WPA to fulfill its mission in the life of your child and family.

  • Parents will complete an application form and provide health and academic records.

  • Parents must sign a form stating their acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith and Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality as an expression of who we are and what will be taught in the classroom.

  • At least one parent must express their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

  • Parents and students will agree to abide by the school's rules and regulations.

  • Parents must commit to partnering with WPA by supervising and instructing in the home classroom on the days that the child is not attending WPA on campus.  

  • While attending WPA it is strongly recommended that the family be active members of the Body of Christ and regularly attend a Christian church.

  • Parents and students will be committed to the University-Model@ learning experience and Christian environment at WPA.

Enrollment Process & Documentation Checklist

Step 1:   Attend An Informational Meeting

Step 2:    Complete an Online Application

Once you've attended a WPA Information Meeting, complete an online application to begin the enrollment process.   

A $95.00 non-refundable application fee per student will be applied when you submit the online application. 

Step 3:    Submit Required Documentation

In addition to the online application, all documents required to complete a student application must be turned in to the Admissions Coordinator along with the online application. Once all documents have been received and placement testing has been administered, your student will meet with the academic dean to discuss the testing results. Because classes fill up quickly, a completed student file is of the utmost importance in transitioning your student through the enrollment process.

Required Documents:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Shot Records

  • Copy of Insurance Card

  • Pastoral or Personal Reference

  • Report Card/Transcript of Grades

  • Teacher Recommendation

  • Principal Recommendation   

  • Medical Diagnosis

  • Legal Documents           

Step 4:    Placement Testing

Placement testing will be completed prior to enrollment and will help determine the student's readiness for the grade level and ability to meet the academic expectations of the program. This placement testing is for 3rd - 12th grades. A testing time will be schedule by the Admissions Coordinator once an application has been submitted. WPA will use a Standardized Test in language arts and a WPA grade level math exam, in addition to requiring a pre-determined, grade-level appropriate written essay. WPA will also use an in-house assessment test to determine the student's readiness for K5-2nd grades.

The testing fee is $55.00 for 3rd - 12th grades and $27.50 for K5-2nd grades.

Step 5:   Admissions Interview

A meeting with the prospective student(s), the parents and the Administrator will be scheduled to discuss the placement/assessment testing results, grade placement, class selection and graduation requirements. This meeting will not be set until the student file and placement testing are complete. The Administrator will also determine if WPA is the ideal fit for either the student and/or the family.

Step 6:    Acceptance Letter

Finally, after all the above steps have been completed, a letter of acceptance will be e-mailed to the family. Following notification of acceptance, the family has two weeks in which to respond by enrolling in classes. The applicant is considered enrolled when classes have been chosen with the school and the tuition and registration deposit submitted to the academy. If the family does not respond within the time allowed, your spot in the class will be opened to the next available applicant.

Admissions FAQ’s

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Thank You For Your Consideration

At WPA, we value your desire to make the best educational choices for your children and your family. We are thankful for your consideration of Waxahachie Preparatory Academy, a Christian, University-Model® school. To learn more about who we are and what we offer, we would like to invite you to explore our website, submit a request for more information, and attend an Informational Meeting. It is our desire to ensure that you are well-informed as you prayerfully discern if your family's needs for education would best be met at WPA.

Elementary Academics

Each student in the elementary school at WPA is celebrated as a unique child of God with specific gifts and talents. Our students are full of confidence and enthusiasm because they are encouraged to do their best with God’s help. WPA students develop a strong work ethic and effective study habits which enable them to be successful in our rigorous academics. Our emphasis on character development based on a biblical worldview encourages each student to honor the Lord in their attitudes and actions. Please join us in this exciting adventure as we prepare students to make this world a better place by using their gifts and talents to honor the Lord and to love and respect one another. 

Elementary Academic Links


All courses are vertically aligned and K5 through Grade 6 and are taught by certified instructors. Each elementary course includes a course description, a curriculum overview, a map of each concept taught, a curriculum guide, a syllabus, and detailed lesson plans. 


The Academic Committee reviews all curriculum annually.


Currently, we offer Chess Club, Math Pentathlon, Brick4Kids (STEM), and Safety Patrol. Clubs fluctuate according to student interest and parent volunteers.


Currently, we compete in an Art Show, Science Fair, Author/Illustrator, Spelling Bee, and a Speech Meet.


Currently, our events include K5 Graduation, Music Programs, Field Day, Grandpals' Day, and Mock Day. These events encourage our parents to visit our campus and participate in activities with their children. 

Secondary Academics

Since we are a college preparatory school, our desire is to make entrance into college as seamless as possible. This is accomplished because of our rigorous course offerings, our emphasis on developing the independent learner through time management, and our desire to develop students spiritually equipped to enter not only college life but the world in general. Critical thinking skills and collaboration are employed in the classroom, along with various research methodologies. The curriculum is evaluated annually for relevance and effectiveness. All these factors help produce SAT and ACT scores above the state and local levels, helping to assure our students entrance into the college of their choice.

Secondary Academic Links


All courses are vertically aligned from K through 12 and are taught by certified instructors.


The Academic Committee reviews all curriculum annually.

Graduation Requirements

We offer two degree plans that both meet the state's Distinguished Achievement Program requirements. We offer a standard and honors degree.

Academic Clubs

Currently, we offer Spanish, Creative Writing, and Yearbook clubs. Clubs fluctuate according to student interest.

Academic Competitions

Currently, we compete in Spanish and Ready Writing through the TAPPS organization.

Academic Organizations

We have had a National Honor Society chapter at WPA since 2008. We also operate a House System, vertically integrating grades 7 -12 into four separate houses.


Currently, we have two major events during the school year designed to help our student body bond - the junior high retreat and the high school retreat. We also have two additional events that bring the secondary's family into our school - Grandpals' Day and Mock Day.

Other Secondary Academic Information

College Prep Hours

Students in high school must complete an average of 12 hours per year of college preparation. These include, but are not limited to college visits, ACT/SAT preparation and test taking, college lunch meetings, PSAT, You Science Test, etc. These hours do not apply prior to fall 2017.

College Lunches

These are held monthly and open to all secondary students and parents. We go through the College Counseling Sourcebook. College reps are also brought in for presentations.

ACT Prep Classes

These can be done on-line or on campus with our seminars

College Credit in HS

This is accomplished through the use of the CLEP tests, taking courses online or in the local community college then transferring the credit onto the WPA transcript.


Uniform Dress Code

Waxahachie Preparatory Academy's dress code is intended to encourage modesty and decency at all WPA sponsored events. All WPA uniform shirts and outerwear must have a WPA logo and must be purchased through WPA or Uniform pants and skirts must follow the WPA uniform guidlines and may be purchased at or locally. Lands' End preferred school number: 9001835796

Review Detailed Dress Code

purchase uniforms at Lands’ End


Once a family is fully enrolled they can access their student's home assignments, grades, teacher information and more via ParentsWeb. The ParentsWeb app may also be downloaded to your smart phone for a small yearly fee.  

ParentsWeb is a daily look into your student's:

  • Detailed Home Assignments

  • Lesson Plans

  • Grades

  • Teacher Contact Information

  • Teacher Resources

  • School Directory

  • Resource Documents

  • Community Service Hours

  • Parent Volunteer Hours 

  • And More!

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For questions regarding Admissions, Academics, or ParentsWeb please contact Amy Morren, Admissions/Registrar.