Secondary Academic Competitions

Art Show

This TAPPS spring event is designed for 9th – 12th grade students and is held in Waco, TX.  Various mediums are eligible.  The pieces that go are at the discretion of the art teacher.

Ready Writing

In the first level of this TAPPS competition, all high school students participate. Students write a timed expository essay on one of two prompts.  The top two scores advance to state. The state level is conducted in-house during February and is all computer based.

Spanish Competition

Every year, two WPA students compete in this event held in Waco, Texas. The test consists of visual and audio clips, reading excerpts, and info-graphics (all in Spanish). Students then must answer written questions. They are also required to write a brief essay in Spanish over a given prompt. This event is a great way for students to be challenged in their comprehension of the Spanish language. It has also proven to be a fun day trip!

Science Fair

In grades 7 and 9, students participate in this ACSI competition.  This gives our science students an opportunity to explore scientific techniques in devising their own scientific experiments for the school-level competition with winners advancing to the district competition.