Elementary Events

K5 Graduation

Our K5 (five-year-old kindergarten) students participate in the K5 Graduation at the end of the year. Each student processes down the aisle in a cap and gown and is awarded with character trait awards and special words of encouragement and praise. The parents are lifted up in prayer as they continue to nurture and encourage their child to honor the Lord in all aspects of life. The students sing songs and recite scripture passages that they have learned during the year. The special evening culminates in a reception honoring the students and their parents.

Music Programs

Our music students present two programs each year to showcase the skills that have been learned during music class. Two examples of our programs are as follows:

Stomp, Boom, Blast – In the tradition of the Broadway show Stomp, the students presented light-hearted percussion performances using such “instruments” as trashcans, staplers, brooms, bicycle horns, etc.  This helped music students build rhythmic independence, develop a solid sense of constant tempo, and improve general musical skills.

Spring Program – This program included pieces from various musical styles and musical periods such as the following: “Polynesian Drumming” on percussion instruments, “Try Everything”, “When the Saints Go Marching In”, “Brave”, “Who Built the Ark” with vocals and recorders, “Deep River”, “Bumble Bee Boogie” on recorders, “The Navy Hymn”, “Mr. Sun”, “My Toes Just Have to Tap”, “Academic Festival Overture” on kazoos, “Follow My Rhythms” on percussion instruments, and “Mother”.

Field Day

Elementary students participate in various events inside the gym and outside on campus to compete in physical skills based on a theme.  Parents volunteer to set up the many stations and to supervise and lead the activities.  The gym and the campus are decorated according to the theme each year. One field day, Passport to the World, included flags, maps, and decorations related to various countries in our world, and each student was given a passport to be stamped by each country station visited.  A scripture verse relating to the station was posted and read.  Information about each country was included in the presentation at each station.  Passport to the World Field Day included thirteen stations with the following themes: U.S.A. Salute to Our Troops Obstacle Course, Mexican Sponge Relay, Israeli Jump the Jordan Hop, Middle Eastern Camel Watering Hole, Irish Potato Fest, Italian Pasta Pull, Greek Torch Relay, African Wildlife Parachute Projectiles, German Autobahn Race, Swiss Boulder Roll, Bahamian Frisbee Throw, French Pastry Toss, and Icelandic Icicles.

Grandpals’ Day

Grandpals’ Day (and Awards Chapel) is an opportunity to honor and bless the grandparents of our students through a meal and a program regarding our school and the plans for the future of our school.  Students will receive recognition for exemplary character traits, honor rolls, and class honors such as highest average, excellence, and leadership.  Students will also be recognized for participation in various academic competitions, service organizations, and clubs.

Mock Day

Mock Day is an opportunity for parents and students to experience a shortened academic day in order to observe each teacher and to hear their expectations and policies for their particular class. Each teacher presents the students and parents with a syllabus and an overview of the class and articulates details regarding the class. Students and parents are separated for the Student General Assembly and the Parent General Assembly. Various topics are discussed including the following: dress code, attendance/tardy, drop off/pick up, curricula, athletic activities, competitions, clubs, academics, family life, and financial and business information.