Diploma Plans

 Recommended Diploma Plan

  • English: (24 credits) 9th English I, 10th English II, 11th English III, 12th English IV

  • Mathematics: (24 credits) Algebra I*, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus

  • Social Studies: (24 credits) World Geography, World History, US History, US Government/Economics

  • Science: (24 credits) Biology I, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Physical Education: (6 credits)

  • Fine Arts: (6 credits) Art,

  • Technology: (6 credits)

  • Speech: (3 credits)

  • Health: (3 credits)

  • Foreign Language*: (12 credits, in the same modern foreign language)

  • Electives: (12 credits)

       Total Credits: 144

*The following classes taken in eighth grade at WPA, if offered, will count toward high school credit: Algebra I and Spanish I.

Honors Diploma Plan

Honors classes must be taken at WPA to count toward the honors diploma plan. The 12 credits of electives in the recommended plan must come from two of the following areas:

  • Math: (6 credits) must include Calculus

  • Foreign Language: (6 credits) must be the same modern foreign language as the 12 credits in the recommended plan

  • Fine Arts: (6 credits) must be in the same discipline as the 6 credits in the recommended plan

Graduation Requirments

WPA currently offers two diploma options. In order to receive one of the diplomas offered, all candidates must successfully complete the diploma requirements described below, along with the following:

  • High school students, who are enrolled at WPA, must take a minimum of twelve credits or four classes per semester on average at WPA until graduation. Six credits or two classes must be selected from the core academic classes each semester. 

  • Students who newly enroll or return to WPA as a senior with at least 108 credits towards one of the diploma plans must take a minimum of fifteen credits per semester at WPA until graduation. Nine credits must be selected from the core academic classes at WPA each semester. 

  • Students must maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or above and submit scores from either the ACT or SAT before graduating.             

  • Students will complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of community service each semester in attendance at WPA during the 9th through 12th grade years. Students may count hours during the summer before each year to count towards the next year’s total. (Semesters prior to fall 2017 will require 8 hours).

  • Core courses comprise those in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. 

  • Students in high school must complete an average of 12 hours per year of college preparation. These include, but are not limited to college visits, ACT/SAT preparation and test taking, college lunch meetings, PSAT, You Science Test, etc. These hours do not apply prior to fall 2017.