Elementary Academic Competitions

Art Competition

Elementary through junior high students have an annual school Art Competition held at WPA.  The winners of the grade levels in 3rd-8th grade will be eligible to be entered into the district ACSI Art Festival.  This is a large art competition involving many schools in the area. This is a wonderful venue of competition for our young artistsI

Science Fair

WPA participates in the ACSI Science Fairs on the local and district levels.  This allows our students to research, observe, analyze, and draw conclusions (scientific method) in an area of science that is of interest to them.  The Science Fair is designed to encourage students to study science from a biblical perspective.  WPA starts this activity in the third grade, with the winner having an option to move on to the district level. Then the students participate again in the fifth grade; in this grade, the winner from each category (life or physical) moves on to the district level.  Both events occur in the spring of the year.


The Author/Illustrator Project is an excellent way for our students to develop storytelling techniques and to learn the elements of a narrative.  Each student receives a packet containing information that will be needed for the project. The project is mandatory for all fourth through sixth grade students. The packet is distributed in October, and the project is due the ninth week of the spring semester. The completed project is a student written and illustrated bound book.

Spelling Bee

Students in Grades 3-6 participate in the ACSI Spelling Bee beginning with our local school spelling bee each fall semester.  Each grade level winner then advances to the district spelling bee in the spring semester where they compete with students from other private schools.  We encourage students to give good effort in the bee to develop effective spelling skills, expand ability to express themselves in all areas of communication, and develop awareness of accurate usage of words and vocabulary by encouraging proper communication.

Speech Meet

The local Elementary Speech Meet for WPA is held at the end of the fall semester.  Children enrolled in any core subject (language arts, math, history, or science) are required to participate in the school speech meet.  Each grade has certain categories in which they may be involved.  Students will be graded based on their performance, so facial and vocal expression, eye contact, confidence, clear speech, and calm posture are essential.

The top-ranking speakers for each category within each grade level will quality to move on the ACSI District Speech Meet in March if they score in the superior category. The District Speech Meet takes place in the spring, typically in March. 

The objectives of the Speech Meet are as follows:

1. Encourage effective speech in an audience situation

2. Help students develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence

3. Develop communication skills that will contribute to effective Christian leadership

Math Olympics

Math Olympics is a fun, learning, competitive experience that is held in the spring for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.  Each grade holds its own Olympics (one math class period). Using Terra Nova practice questions, the students are able to practice and discover which concept(s) they have or have not mastered. This experience also provides helpful information for the teachers to see if a skill needs additional attention during class. Medals for first, second, and third place winners are awarded.  Everyone enjoys this fun way to check up on their math skills!