What age can my child begin attending WPA?

Students applying for kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the incoming school year.

My child comes from a homeschool setting. Is a Teacher Recommendation letter still required?

No. In cases where students are coming to WPA from a homeschool environment, or if you are applying for Kindergarten, a Teacher Recommendation is not required.  However, if your student has received outside teaching, you can submit a form for reference purposes.

How many hours per day does a student spend on school work on the “Home Campus Days”?

The amount of time spent will fluctuate according to the student and their learning style; however, the rule of thumb is that for every hour of classroom teaching there is an hour of home assignment given.

I never taught professionally or had any teacher training.  How do I know what to teach my child on the days he/she is at home?

Our instructors provide detailed direction to parents through weekly assignments provided by RenWeb.com, our school management site.  WPA parents are expected to oversee their children's education and academic progress, but the most important instruction parents can give their children is imparting their values and faith.  

Does the family pastoral reference need to be filled out by our lead pastor? We go to a large church and our pastor doesn’t know us well.

No. Any church leader that has spiritual oversight for your family (such as an elder, small group leader, etc.) can complete this reference.

We aren’t Christians but don’t have issue with the Christian teachings at your school. Can we still be considered for admission?

We ask that at least one parent adhere to WPA’s Statement of Faith which can be found in our Parent/Student Handbook. We are an intentional Christian community and require this of our faculty and staff.

Is WPA affiliated with a particular church or denomination?

Waxahachie Preparatory Academy is a non-profit organization completely independent from a particular church or denominational affiliation. 

Is it possible to enroll in WPA mid-year?

Yes. Families can attend an Information Meeting in the fall in order to seek admission for term 2 of the current school year.

Do students wear uniforms at WPA?

Yes. The dress code is intended to reflect the school’s Statement of Faith and honor God and moral character. Uniforms must be purchased from Land’s End Uniforms or at the used uniform sales held on campus at quarterly WFA Meetings. Only the styles listed at Land’s End under WPA’s name are acceptable.

My child is entering WPA from a public/private/homeschool background. How will he/she transition to the University-Model structure?

We have new students every year. Most of our incoming students have not come from a University-Model® school. New Parent Orientation Day, which takes place the week before school starts, is vital to equip you for the start of the new school year. In addition, new families are matched with an experienced “parent coach” who is available to answer questions and help you become acclimated to Waxahachie Preparatory Academy.  Our families are friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. After all, we were all new families at one point!